About The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator Touch is a a strap-on, synthetic urine delivery device that allows you to give a golden shower simulation from a very realistic, prosthetic penis. For over 15 years, the Whizzinator has been praised by wet-sex enthusiasts and practical jokers alike for it’s unparalleled, lifelike quality. Made from exceptionally high-grade materials, this is one device that will stand the test of time and allow you to go piss-crazy without the fear of spreading harmful diseases to others. If you want to fake your own urination, this is the tool for you!

Why Use the Whizzinator?

Human urine is teeming with nasty toxins and bacteria that can be harmful to your partner. Many STDs (like Chlamydia or Genital Herpes) can be spread through urine play. Using the Whizzinator with synthetic urine lets you play it safe and stop worrying about transmitting any harmful diseases.

golden flask synthetic urine 

Synthetic urine (or lab urine) has the same chemical makeup and properties of the urine your body naturally produces. It even has the same pH balance and specific gravity of human urine because it contains a perfect blend of everything you’d expect to find in your own pee (minus the bad bacteria and toxins). The Whizzinator comes with 1 vial of dehydrated synthetic urine but, since the device is meant to be used over and over again, you get to choose your favorite brand of fake pee for future reloads. Most brands are so realistic they can even be used to calibrate laboratory equipment used for conducting urine tests. The crazy thing? The lab equipment can’t even tell the difference!


The Whizzinator allows you to discreetly store, transport, and deliver your synthetic urine with ease! Designed to be worn comfortably for hours, the Whizzinator is perfect for those situations where you may need to give a synthetic golden shower with just a moment’s notice. Plus, it comes in 5 realistic skin tone options so you can pick which coloring best fits the look of your own equipment.

whizzinator touch best synthetic urine device

How Do You Use the Whizzinator?

Using the Whizzinator is a breeze! Simply prepare and heat your sample of synthetic urine to body temperature and then load about 3oz of it into the medical-grade bag using the included syringe. Since delivering your urine at the right temperature is crucial to giving the most realistic golden shower imitation, the bag has an attached temperature strip that will tell you if your sample is at body temperature (94-100 degrees) before you use it. Attach 1 sticky heat pack to the urine bag on the opposite side from the temperature strip - this will keep your sample at body temperature for up to 8 hours. The waistband and leg straps fit comfortably around your pelvis and prevent any slipping and sliding around.


When you’re ready to go, simply open the valve at the front of the waistband and gently squeeze the prosthetic penis right below the head to let your synthetic urine flow out the tip! The waistband provides a perfect amount of pressure to the urine bag which creates a realistic pee stream. Pretty easy, huh?

how to use the whizzinator

Since the Whizzinator is intended to be used time and time again, feel free to practice with warm water a few times to get the hang of it. This will let you learn how to use your new “package” and make sure you aren’t wasting any of your synthetic urine. After each use, just flush the Whizzinator out with warm water. Don’t ever use soap or any other cleaning agents! If you need, you can purchase a bottle of Whizzinator Cleaning Solution to keep your device squeaky clean.


Go Pro With Your Whiz!

If you’re ready to step up your urine game, the Whizzinator Touch is just the thing you need! In the box, you’ll find 1 Whizzinator device in your skin-tone of choice attached to the waistband and leg straps. The waistband includes a medical-grade bag with an attached temperature strip. You’ll also find 4 sticky heat packs, 1 vial of dehydrated synthetic urine, and 1 medical-grade syringe to help you fill the urine bag.

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Skip the STDs and go straight for the best synthetic urine delivery device on the market! Trusted for over 15 years, the Whizzinator is sure to help you play it safe while you’re playin’ real dirty.