Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Whizzinator be used to pass a drug test? 
The Whizzinator was designed for people wanting a safe wet sex simulation, not to defeat a drug test. Attempting to defeat a drug test is illegal in various states and can result in fines or prosecution if caught. We do not condone the usage of the Whizzinator to influence a drug test. 

What is synthetic urine? 
Synthetic urine is an artificial compound designed to be to be identical in chemical composition to human piss. 

How much fluid does the Whizzinator reservoir bag hold? 
About 150mL or 4 ounces. We recommend that you only fill the reservoir up to about 130mL as a safety precaution to avoid the bag breaking. 

Can I use soap to clean the bag out after use? 
Do not use soaps or cleaning chemicals to clean the bag. Even when rinsed properly, traces of the foreign cleaning chemicals will be on the inside of the bag and will contaminate any new liquid you inject into the bag. The best practice for cleaning is to just rinse it thoroughly with water after use. 

How does the Real Whizzinator start and stop the flow of urine? 
Using one hand, hold the Whizzinator prosthesis and pinch it just below head to prevent any leaking or flow of urine, now using your other hand open the clip valve.