The Original Whizzinator Touch

The ultimate sex simulator


What is The Whizzinator Touch?

The Whizzinator Touch is undoubtedly the most discreet synthetic urine transportation device on the market. Proven to be safe in many scenarios the Whizzinator Touch is the best way to make it look like you are actually urinating. The laboratory grade synthetic urine dispenser included a top of the line ultra quiet flow system that easily functions with only ONE hand. We have put the Whizzinator Touch through extensive testing to prove it works in every situation that may arise.

The Whizzinator Touch includes: 4 of the highest quality heat packs that will maintain your urine at body temperature for up to 8 hours. 1 vial of laboratory grade synthetic urine good for 1 use. Two leg straps that accompany the waistband to keep your Whizzinator Touch in place. 1 syringe that is used to fill and clean your Whizzinator Touch. You also receive your Whizzinator Touch and a set of instructions and tips to help you produce a life like flow when using your Whizzinator Touch. The Whizzinator Touch is the industries most trusted prosthetic delivery device you can purchase your Whizzinator Touch with confidence know that you now own the most discreet urine transportation device on the market.

Multiple Colors

You can purchase the Whizzinator in white, black, brown, tan or latino. Choose the color that best fits your skin tone.


The Whizzinator Touch is reusable and can be refilled again and again using new synthetic urine and heat packs.

Discreet shipping

All orders are shipped discreetly with no indication on the box of what the contents are.

Fast Shipping

We offer Overnight Shipping for those that need their fake prosthetic right away. All orders placed during business hours are shipped the same day!

The Original Whizzinator Touch


What's included?
  • 1 Whizzinator Touch Strap-On
  • 1 Vial of Dehydrated Synthetic Urine
  • 4 Heat Packs
  • 1 Syringe
  • Guide on How to Use the Whizzinator
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