How To Use The Whizzinator

Preparing the Whizzinator for Wet Play

  • Check clip valve before filling to make sure it’s closed
  • Follow the included directions to mix the dehydrated urine
  • In a cup, add about 80cc of tap water and mix the dehydrated urine.
  • Fill your syringe with the appropriate amount of synthetic urine
  • Unscrew the cap on the vinyl bag and fill the bag with your syringe
  • Remove any air from the bag
  • Screw back on the cap and make sure it is secure
  • Open up the sticky heat pack
  • Attach the heat pack to the vinyl bag on the opposite side of temperature strip
  • Make sure it’s attached to the bag, and not the belt.

Wearing your Whizzinator

  • Place the temperature strip side of the vinyl bag to your skin to help maintain heating
  • If you did this correctly, the empty side of the vinyl bag should be against your skin and the heat pack should be on the opposite side of vinyl bag.
  • The heating pad will keep the synthetic urine at a body temperature between 98 and 100 degrees for up to 8 hours
  • Using the elastic straps you can adjust the fit of the Whizzinator to feel comfortable on you

Urinating with the Whizzinator

  • It’s recommended that you practice using your Whizzinator with water before you actually use it
  • Using one hand, hold the Whizzinator prosthesis and pinch it just below head to prevent any leaking or flow of urine, now using your other hand open the clip valve
  • Once the clip valve is open, gravity will take over and allow the urine to flow naturally
  • Do not use soaps or cleaning chemical to clean the bag, this will add new chemicals to any future Synthetic Urine you use and ruin the experience when you use it again