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Need to fake a golden shower? We’ve got you covered! Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is the most advanced fake pee available and is perfect for all your fake whiz needs! Because it contains all the same ingredients you’d find in actual, human urine, Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is as close to the real deal as you can get! The best part? It’s guaranteed to be completely toxin free! Skip the stress of transmitting diseases or harmful toxins to your fetish partner(s) and grab a bottle of this golden piss! 

Although manufactured and intended for novelty or fetish uses, Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is so realistic, it can even be used in place of organic urine in laboratory experiments. Because it’s just like the urine your body produces naturally, but doesn’t have any harmful toxins or bacteria, it makes for the perfect control sample for testing and calibrating urinalysis equipment used for urine drug tests. Formulated with the perfect amounts of urea, uric acid, creatinine, vitamins, and many other ingredients commonly found in human whiz, Golden Flask Synthetic Urine has the same pH balance and specific gravity (density) of real urine. The Golden Flask formula even contains live cultures that activate when you open it to add to its lifelike qualities. This means it looks like pee, smells like pee, feels like pee, and foams like pee! It’s sure to get the job done and be the perfect piss substitute for all your urine needs.

Most synthetic urines on the market come in 2oz or 3oz bottles. With Golden Flask, you’ll get 4oz of high quality, laboratory grade, synthetic urine. Each bottle of Golden Flask also comes with 1 hand warmer to keep your sample at the proper temperature for hours, 1 rubber band to attach the hand warmer to the bottle of fake pee, 1 temperature strip so you can be sure your urine sample is at body temperature before you dispense it, and 1 flip-top cap for easy delivery. Better yet, the Golden Flask bottle comes in a unique, curved design, making it even easier to conceal in your pocket!

Using Golden Flask is simple. Just heat your bottle in the microwave for about 10 seconds until the temperature strip gives you a reading between 94-100 degrees. If you need to keep it warm until you’re ready to use it, attach the hand warmer to the bottle (opposite the temperature strip) with the included rubber band. This will keep your fake pee at body temperature for 6 hours so you’ll be ready to let it flow within just a moment’s notice! When you’re ready to spray your liquid gold, give the bottle a good shake, double check the temperature strip to make sure it’s between 94-100 degrees, open the flip-top cap, and empty however much you’d like wherever you need it!

If you’re looking to deliver the most realistic urine simulation, trust Golden Flask Synthetic Urine. Use it anywhere you need a substitute for your own piss and you’ll be golden!