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Looking to get your kink on with a little piss play? With this value pack you can deliver the most lifelike urination simulation AND save a decent chunk of change! When you bundle your Whizzinator with a bottle of Golden Flask Synthetic Urine, you’ll save some cash and have everything you need to give the perfect synthetic golden shower.

When it comes to simulating male urination, nothing even comes close to the Whizzinator. The Whizzinator has been producing lifelike piss performances for over 15 years and has been the longest product of its kind on the market. Choose from five different skin tones (black, white, brown, tan, and latino) to make sure you get a unit that will match your downstairs style. Since it’s manufactured from high quality materials, it’s designed to be used over and over again - this will be the last synthetic urine delivery device you’ll ever need! It’s so easy to use, you can operate it with just one hand! Plus, with it’s ultra-quiet flow system, you can be sure your synthetic golden shower will be completely noise free.

When you purchase this bundle, you’ll also get a 4 ounce bottle of Golden Flask Synthetic Urine - the most advanced fake pee formula on the market! Because it’s formulated with all the ingredients you’d expect to find in your own whiz, but is guaranteed to be toxin free, you can get wet and wild with your bad self without worrying about transmitting harmful diseases to your loved one. Golden Flask is so realistic, even laboratories use it as a control sample for experiments conducted on human urine. That’s right! Even though it’s sold and intended for novelty and fetish use, this golden liquid is so similar to organic, human urine, it even passes for piss in a laboratory!

When you use Golden Flask Synthetic Urine in your Whizzinator, you’ll be able to whiz like a pro. Simply heat and load up your Golden Flask into the Whizzinator’s “piss pouch”, strap it on, and you’ll be ready to flow at a moment’s notice! When you’re ready to deliver a golden shower, just flip the switch, whip out the lifelike prosthetic penis, squeeze just below the head with one hand and let gravity (and the pressure from the waistband) do the rest! You’ll have a realistic synthetic urine stream that flows right from the tip of the prosthetic to wherever you need your fake pee the most!

The Whizzinator is designed to be worn comfortably under your clothing for hours at a time and also comes with 4 sticky heat packs to help keep your urine warm and 1 vial of dehydrated urine (in addition to the bottle of Golden Flask you’ll get with this bundle). The included medical grade syringe will help you load your fake whiz into the device and flush it with warm water after each use. Plus, since the Whizzinator’s piss pouch comes with an attached temperature strip, you’ll always be able to tell when your fake pee is at body temperature.

With your Whizzinator loaded with Golden Flask, you’ll be whizzin’ like a pro. Snag this value pack and you’ll be able to deliver the most lifelike male urination simulation on the market!