The Original Whizzinator Touch

The ultimate urine simulator


What is The Whizzinator Touch?

Comes with 3 extra Free Synthetic when you order a Whizzinator. That's an extra $45 in free synthetic urine absolutely free. When you order from us, you get the included synthetic urine and the extra three free, FOUR synthetic urines will ship total. The Whizzinator Touch is the most discreet, synthetic urine delivery device on the market. 

For over 15 years, it’s been the fake pee industry’s most trusted solution for simulating male urination. Complete with a lifelike prosthetic penis, the Whizzinator is perfect for storing, transporting, and dispensing synthetic urine to create the most realistic golden shower imitation. Whether you’re into water sports or just wanna prank your friends, the Whizzinator makes it look like you’re actually draining the main vein!

Human urine contains toxins, bacteria, and viruses that can be dangerous to your fetish-friends! STDs like Chlamydia and Herpes can be transmitted to your partner(s) through your pee. Using synthetic urine lets you to dive into your piss-play without worrying about health hazards. Synthetic urine is, essentially, squeaky-clean pee that’s been crafted in a lab rather than inside your body.

Since fake pee is made from all the same ingredients you’d find in your own urine (like creatinine, uric acid, and urea), it’s composition is identical to the urine your body produces. Most synthetic urines are so close to the real thing that urine testing labs can use them as control samples for experiments or for calibrating urinalysis equipment. If it passes for piss in a lab, it’s sure to be the perfect substitute for your urine in the bedroom! But, just pulling out a bottle of fake pee will definitely ruin the mood. If you wanna make it believable, you need to whip out something a little more impressive.

The Whizzinator is a high-grade, synthetic urine dispenser designed to be worn comfortably under your clothes for hours. You never know when you’re gonna need to put on a piss performance, but when you’re wearing your Whizzinator, you’ll be locked, loaded, and ready for action at a moment’s notice! It’s easy to fill, and easy to operate. You can activate the ultra-quiet flow system with just one hand to deliver a noise-free stream of fake pee from the tip of the penis. The waistband ensures your flow is realistic by providing the right amount of pressure to the attached urine bag.

The Whizzinator comes with one prosthetic unit in your choice of 5 skin tones: black, brown, latino, tan, or white. The prosthetic is attached to a waistband with a medical-grade bag to store your synthetic urine. Two leg straps ensure everything stays in place and the attached temperature strip tells you if your sample is at body temperature before you let it flow. In the box, you’ll also find 1 vial of dehydrated synthetic urine (good for one use), 4 sticky heat packs, and 1 syringe for filling and rinsing your device.

The Whizzinator is made from high-quality materials and was designed to be refilled and used over and over again. Just make sure to stock up on extra synthetic urine and sticky heat packs so you can keep the whiz flowing!

Multiple Colors

You can purchase the Whizzinator in white, black, brown, tan or latino. Choose the color that best fits your skin tone.


The Whizzinator Touch is reusable and can be refilled again and again using new synthetic urine and heat packs.

Discreet shipping

All orders are shipped discreetly with no indication on the box of what the contents are.

Fast Shipping

We offer Overnight Shipping for those that need their fake prosthetic right away. All orders placed during business hours are shipped the same day!

The Original Whizzinator Touch


What's included?
  • 1 Whizzinator Touch Strap-On
  • 1 Vial of Dehydrated Synthetic Urine
  • 3 FREE Bonus Synthetic Urine
  • 4 Heat Packs
  • 1 Syringe
  • Guide on How to Use the Whizzinator
  • Note: The product looks extremely realistic (see top of page), its only censored in this checkout section for SEO purposes
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